installp versus packages

installp versus packages

Post by Eric LIMELETT » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Who can give me equivallent in installp syntax for AIX 4.3.2
for the following commands :

pkginfo ...

PS : pkg* is standardised and works on SCO and Solaris. I
wnat on AIX and discovered my script-shell doesn't work any
more. HELP !!!

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installp versus packages

Post by Alex Robinso » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Quote:> Who can give me equivallent in installp syntax for AIX 4.3.2
> for the following commands :

> pkgmk
> pkgproto
> pkgadd
> pkgrm
> pkginfo ...

I am not sure what you are trying to do here. But, if you want to install a
package across an array of Unix types, I would suggest using RPM. This is
available for almost all flavours of Unix/Linux and is the standard across
Linux but can also be used for Unix systems.

As for your question ;

Quote:> pkgmk
> pkgproto

See lppbuild from the Bull AIX site. IBM doesn't include an equivalent

Quote:> pkgadd

Installp -a

Quote:> pkgrm

Installp -u

Quote:> pkginfo


Alex Robinson


1. file size to use in installp packages

hi everyone,

first, thanks to everyone who helped me with all my previous questions
on packaging software. i've got our product packaged and the install
works... now i'm just ironing out details...

my question is this... in many of the configuration files required in
a software package, there is a place that asks for "size" (mainly the
lpp_name file, the .size file, and the .inventory file). well, i
figured that was a no brainer, but i was wrong. i'm having some

at first, i was going to use the size provided by ls, but i found it
easier to script it using the du command (when i say 'script' i mean i
built a script to automate the creation of these files...). well, we
have two versions of aix here. if i create a file (let's call it
testFile) on both systems, and put one character in it, the following

ls -l testFile
on both systems tells me the size is 1 byte (makes sense)...

du testFile
on aix tells me that the usage is one block (512k i assume)
on aix tells me that the usage is 8 blocks

the second one makes sense to me because i was told that the minimum
file size for AIX is 4k (is this true?). if that's the case, what's
the explanation for the first one?

and, most importantly, which numbers are best to use in my installable
packages when it asks for size (regardless of units). should i use the
exact size of the file (ls) or the actual space the file will take up
on disk (du). i kind of sway towards the second one (cuz i imagine
installp uses this info to determine if there will be enough space to
hold the package)... but the packages i downloaded and took apart all
seemed to use the actual file size.


p.s. i was looking at the archives trying to find an answer and i came
across a couple of posts mentioning an ibm fax addressing
"inconsistencies" between df and du output, but failed to find the
actual fax both in the newsgroup and on ibm's site. is this fax still
current info (the post was dated in 2000). if so, can someone give me
a url or send it to me? thanks :)

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