7207 Model 011 Tape Drive: Bootable? Which tapes?

7207 Model 011 Tape Drive: Bootable? Which tapes?

Post by unixg.. » Mon, 03 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Yes it's bootable and if I remember right it is a 525MB drive ...someone
correct me if I'm wrong.

An 001 is 150MB/250MB and an 012 is a 1.2GB.

So the tapes you would use are DC6525s, if you dont know the condition
of the drive I'd try used tapes first as they go cheep on the net.

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Query for you netlanders ... has anyone found out a way to defeat or
turn off the retension status on the new 525 Meg tape drives?  Since
it is defined as an "other" type of tape drive, SMIT and chdev and
chcfg do not permit the retension flag to be used.  Documentation
implies that the restriction lies in the system and not in the drive
but we haven't been able to find out how to NOT make it retension
on tape change/drive reset.

Any ideas?

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