slow disk reads using novell nfs

slow disk reads using novell nfs

Post by John Hog » Tue, 29 Sep 1992 05:08:43

I've installed Novell Netware NFS 1.2 on a Novell server running
Netware 3.11.  The UNIX machine I want to have read NOS files
is an IBM RS/6000 Model 350 running AIX 3.2.  The network is
thin Ethernet.  Macintosh, UNIX name space option has been installed
on the Novell server.

Disk writes, i.e., writes from the RS/6000 to NFS-available directories
on the Netware server take place at normal speed.  Reads take
20 (yep, twenty) times as long.  

The Netware server is EISA bus, and the Ethernet card is
Bustek/Buslogic 32-bit bus mastering type.  I was running both
IPX and IP on one card.

I can understand why running IPX and IP on one card would slow
things down, but why should reads from the Netware server
occur so much more slowly than writes.

The RS/6000 has one Ethernet card.

Any suggestions welcome.  This is a very perplexing problem,
which must mean that the solution is something simple.

   john hogan
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