Errors: Bus Error and Error 554

Errors: Bus Error and Error 554

Post by n.. » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

 Every time i time I turn on my AIX H50 machine, I get a 554 error on
the front panel.  Today I turned it on and it actually came up, now
all I am getting is 'Bus Error' 'Core Dump'  Any ideas?  Please reply


1. ximian evolution: 554 SMTP synchronization error


I would like to start using evolution as mail client. Recieving mail via
pop3 is no problem but when i try to send an e-mail i get an error-message
saying: "MAIL FROM response error: Interrupted system call". Checking the
log-file "/tmp/camel.log" which i obtained via the command "env
CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 evolution >& /tmp/camel.out" i see it starts with
the following messages:

sending : EHLO hosts (no network card version)
 received: 554 SMTP synchronization error

After that it starts downloading mail from my pop3 account, without
sending mail. Does anybody has a clou as where the problem may be found? I
use a masquerading and firewalling linux-box between the internet and my
workstation, but i can use kmail with the same settings without a problem.

Thanks in advance,
Rolf Deenen

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