Is there a NetView group?

Is there a NetView group?

Post by Randy J. Smi » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I'm looking for information on NetView and SystemView for AIX.  
>Is there a newsgroup?  Do IBM have an FTP site with information?

There is no newsgroup, but there is a mailing list. You'll see it
mentioned on the IBM web server that was mentioned in another follow
up to your request.



1. Why am I spamming the group?!?

Sorry for the crossposts all.  I am just demonstrating a point.

For all of these people that talk all this tripe about LGX (Linux) and how
they had this or that problem with it and couldn't get this or that to
work, and then they went back to Windows and everything "JustWorked", I
wanted to show that this is not always the case 100% of the time.

People have problems on *all* platforms.  No system created by man is
perfect, and never will be.  These anti-LGX naysayers who try to build up
Windows and the software available for it blatantly disregard the myriad
problems that people who are using this software are having in their own

Linux and OSS are an inexpensive and viable alternative.  They may not be
suited for everyone, but certainly many people could stand to benefit from
the various financial and technical advantages of the platform.

People have a right to know the full truth.  They have a right to know
that there are options other than the default available to them.  They do
not have to just sit back and let software that doesn't always "JustWork"
be shoved down their throats.  Or even be compelled to steal expensive
software just to be able to do what they want with their systems.

It is my intention to inform and educate as many people as possible to the
alternatives that are available to them.  The Money Hungry corporations do
not want people to use or even *know* about these choices.  They want
everyone to just sit back and pay their money for something that may or
may not even be best suited for them.

I encourage everyone to explore all of the options and choose that which
is best suited to your purposes.  For me, this is Linux (LGX) and the Open
Source Software (OSS) that is available for the platform.  For others, it
may be Windows, or Mac, or FreeBSD, or BeOS, or OS/2, or Solaris, or
OpenVMS, or any of the other platforms that are available for the Intel/PC
compatible and other platforms.

You have a choice.  Choose what works best for *you*.  Don't let others
choose for you or else you are in danger of losing the right to choose in
the first place.

Again, I apologize for the crossposts and I thank you for your time.


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Running Gentoo Linux, and proud of it!

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