HACMP, OPS install

HACMP, OPS install

Post by eee » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00


 I'm trying to run the hacmp/es to install oracle OPS.

But the hc daemon doesn't work correctly.   The 'hc_members' executable
makes a result like below,

Wating for server 1
Wating for server 2
Wating for server 3
Wating for server 4
Wating for server 5
sendto: No such file or directory

 And the program, 'hcconnect' (from oracle), also can't get a right
result from hc daemon.

 HACMP/ES version is installed.

 Anyone knows about this, help me...


HACMP, OPS install

Post by Tom Weav » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00

You may well be seeing APAR IY09002.  In any event, you should report this as
a software problem.

Tom Weaver        (512) 838 8277, T/L 678-8277


1. HACMP/ESCRM / OPS / cllockd / cllockdES

Our problem is with Oracle Parallel  Server and HACMP /ESCRM with the
following description:

We have two pSeries 6H1 with a SSA 7133-D40 configured in concurrent
The heartbeat is defined by a serial rs232 network throught the third
serial port in both machines.
We have two 10/100 Mbps ethernet cards in each servers that are used
for boot, service and standby pourpose.  Also we have an additional
network with a gbit ethernet cards to define the DLM (distributed lock
manager) that are configured in HACMP as service adapters.

The Operating system is AIX 4.3.3. Level ML_09
The HACMP /ESCRM version is 4.4
The DB is Oracle 7.3.3 with OPS.

The cluster has been configured and is working normally; the cluster
manager service, the clinfo and so start fine without errors.

The Concurrent Volume Group and concurrent Logical volumes has been
defined as well.

The problem is when we are trying to startup the cllockd service, it
doesnt startup.   We have changed to true the option to start the
cllockd service when we start the cluster services.

We are trying to startup this service because the OPS installation
require this service.

Someone can help us to solve this issue or know another way to install
the OPS with this kind of configuration?

Thank you very much for your help.

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