3rd party drives

3rd party drives

Post by Tom Lea » Thu, 30 May 1991 01:14:33

I know this should be in the FAQ, but I couldn't find it and nobody has
posted any relevant info lately, so pardon if I'm requesting redundant info.

Does anyone have any experience with 3rd party disk drives on 320's running
AIX 3003 or 3005?  I have some drives that used to be on Suns (Fuji 2263sa's)
and now the people want to move them to their RSes.

Will there be a problem with chaining the SCSI cables from an existing
IBM external tape to one of the Fujis?  Is there any low level formatting
program (ala Suns format).  I don't just want to lay a new partition table
onto the disk and newfs.  I'ld rather do a low level to check for bad blocks,

Thanks for any help.

Tom Leach


1. 3rd party drive - Micropolis 1908 EP for 320H?

We are considering the purchase of a Micropolis 1908 EP 1.6Gb disk
for our 320H. The numbers look great, but I'd be very interested
in hearing from anyone who has gone this route. Any problems connecting
these things? The sheet I have says a 10 MB/sec transfer rate, any
chance of seeing this on our RS6000? Reliability problems?
Is there any advantage in the Seagate Elite over the Micropolis?



Paul J Turner
Oregon Graduate Institute
Beaverton, OR

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