virus scanner email attachments for aix

virus scanner email attachments for aix

Post by PM WO » Sat, 13 Oct 2001 05:34:48

Our main mail server is rs6k running aix 4.3.x
Wonder if any aix user has experience in incorporating
a virus scanner software on it to treat incoming mails
before distributing to other mail hosts
Recommendation please

1. Virus checking e-mail attachments


There seems to be a lot of products available for WinNT etc. that
run on a mail server and scan e-mails (or their attachments) for

Is their anything available for FreeBSD that does this (or any
other flavour of UN*X)?

What I'm looking for is something that, if it detects a virus can
encapsulate an e-mail and warn the user that they should check it.

Igor Vinokurov


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