Disabling snmp community name public for security purposes

Disabling snmp community name public for security purposes

Post by Erik Moesberge » Sat, 01 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have two aix machines in a HACMP cluster in our network.
It was advised to us to disable the snmp deamon or at least to disable the
community name public .
To disable SNMP is no option because HACMP uses this for it hartbeats .
When i renamed the community public name in snmp.conf directory and added an
ip adress and a netmask
community public ReadWrite    i expected that
all the servers within the net could be members of this
community .

HACMP protested on this.

Can anyone advise me how to disable the snmp community name public .

Erik Moesbergen


1. on Changing SNMP Public Community Name on SyMon system

Our security manager has asked that I change the SNMP public community
name on our systems to something other than the default "public".

This would have been easy (editing /etc/snmp.conf/snmpd.conf) except
that we're running SyMon 2.1, and it disables snmpd so SyMon can handle

I think it involves running the "base-usm-seed" script, but that's all I

I called Sun, and they said to change the "public" name in the "esusers"
file.  Wrong!  Hopefully someone here has a better idea on how to
accomplish this.

Thanks in advance,

- Robert

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