Restricting user passwords

Restricting user passwords

Post by Peter Bjoer » Wed, 02 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'll have to make a user-defined method that will make sure
that user-passwords conform to certain standards, apart from
the simple things like length etc. which are standard in AIX.

I will be using the pwdrestrict_method where the interface is
described in the "Technical Reference Volume 1" manual, but
I was wondering if anybody here has actually used the
pwdrestrict_method and may have an example of a working
piece of code ....




1. restrict file access to only one particular user who enters correct password in web

Hi all,
I want to restrict tomcatserver files to particularly one client that
who enters username and password correctly anywhere in web(specifically
in another system).But nobody without username and password cannot
access the those files. We had redhat 9.0.In redhat i am working on

For example,
I have avi files in tomcatserver.If any client enters username and
password correctly only can access those avi files and others cannot
able to access those files even by using
the( ).

thankQ in advance

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