Failed 43p firmware update and recovery

Failed 43p firmware update and recovery

Post by Jeff Urna » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 01:40:19


     I tried to update the firmware on a 7043-140 43p workstation.
The floppy turned out to be corrupt.  When the machine rebooted I
received a FEB error for corrupt firmware.  I reviewed the
documentation and found that I should be able to rename the firmware
image to PRECOVER.IMG and recover from the failed update.  The machine
immediately starts to read the floppy, but it never stops.  It
continually reads from the floppy in an endless loop.

Is this station toast? Or do I still have hope?  Any help would be
greatly appreciated!!!



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Dear List,

I was updating the firmware of an IBM /RISC System 6000 43P-140, 604e
332MHz, Type 7043-140. During the update, the machine locked up and did
nothing for a long period of time(5 minutes). I rebooted. Now the machine
does absolutely nothing on a restart. It will not even check any of the

Is there anyway I can get this machine to work again?

I updated the machine on a previous occasion to the TIG98294 firmware
without any problems.

I had firmware named TIG98294 installed but I found a PPC support website at
IBM that had many
PPC update files. Among them was a firmware update specifically for the 43P
called Firmware 1.10, P931904.img. I tried to perform the update, it began
to show progress counting and then nothing happened.

Any help that can be offered would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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