Q: AIX 3.2: duplicates with 5.65c+IDA1.4.4

Q: AIX 3.2: duplicates with 5.65c+IDA1.4.4

Post by Martin R » Tue, 09 Feb 1993 07:12:01


I have replaced the sendmail on our RS/6000 with a sendmail5.65c+IDA-1.4.4,
and basically I'm very happy with it.  But sometimes a mail is beeing
duplicated on delivery via this new sendmail.  I first noticed it on the
second day after the installation, when I sent some testmails via
a new "Charon" mailgateway -- I don't really know what caused it,
(hoping it wouldn't happen again ...).

Two days ago I had a duplicate mail in my mailbox coming in through
a mailing list.  I checked the "Received:"-Lines at the top of the mail:
It was duplicated on my system!

Here are the syslog-Entries of the two times where I noticed a

----  1. ----

Jan 21 15:08:10 roxi sendmail[20035]: AA20035: from=mrex, size=556, class=0, rec
eived from local

eim.de, delay=00:00:12, stat=Sent, mailer=TCP

eim.de, delay=00:00:34, stat=Sent, mailer=TCP
----  2. ----


DE>, size=2244, class=0, received from aix01.rz.fht-mannheim.de (

, delay=00:00:06, stat=Sent, mailer=local

, delay=00:00:13, stat=Sent, mailer=local

On both events, the Mail received a queue-ID from the receiving process,
and was later on picked up and delivered by two different processes.
It might be, that one of the delivering processes was the queue-daemon
(-bd -q30m), but I don't know.

This might be a problem with file-locking, and it might be present in
the AIX-adaption only, I have no idea.  However, I would appreciate if
I get a fix or a workaround for this behaviour.

Is this a known problem (on AIX 3.2) ?

Thank you,

 Martin Rex
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Could someone out there help me on this?

For AIX 3.1, I was able to do my own CECP <-> AIX Code mapping
as follows:
1.  Modify /usr/lib/nls/nlin/US.in_src and
           /usr/lib/nls/nliout/US.out_src accordingly,
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3.  put ../US.in and ../US.out in my home directory.
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Now I am using AIX 3.2. The way of the mapping for tn3270 for AIX 3.2
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Thanks in advance for any information!

Ching Shih

Disclaimer: I speak for myself. All opinions expressed are solely
my own.

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