RS6000/220, AIX 3.21, 160MB HD standalone possible ?

RS6000/220, AIX 3.21, 160MB HD standalone possible ?

Post by Bernd Hent » Wed, 21 Oct 1992 22:29:45

I've got the following configuration:

RS6000/220 with 160MB Hard Disk and 3 1/2" Floppy Disk, IBM 3151 Terminal,
Token Ring Adapter, Ethernet Adapter.
AIX 3.21 (US Version) coming with several Boot Floppies, CD (can I mount
this on a Novell Server and access from AIX ?), Streamer Tapes, many
useless manuals (never seen so much waste of paper).

What I want to do:
Install a basic subset of the OS on the own HD including TCP/IP and LU6.2
+ Supply sufficient swap space
+ Put on some own APPC Gateway programmes (app. 5 MB) on it

Boot this machine from its own HD - start the APPC link via Token Ring
- start my programmes -> works O.K.

What I've done so far:
Booting via bootp and tftp on a DECServer 5000/240 and mounting some
DEC file system via NFS (some problems in there, DEC has NFS Version 2.0 ...)

How can I setup a standalone AIX 220 with 160MB HD without much trouble ?
Is it possible at all (there are different suggestions what the swap
space should be and there are even more different suggestions which PTF's
I need to install) ?
I do have a streamer tape from an AIX 320H machine available that could
be borrowed for installation from time to time.




1. Re. Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220 Re: Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Your system does not find the tape during boot phase. For IBM tapes normally
plug them, switch them on, boot up the system and AIX automatically
configures them.

The 220 uses other SCSI cabels than your 320 are they ok. Check the SCSI ID
of your tape - maybe you have other devices using the same ID. Run
'lscfg -v' to display all devices.

frank ;-)

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