FS: Book aix, Book x, Book network

1. FS: Book aix, Book x, Book network

BOOK AIX "An AIX Companion" by David L. Cohn, Prentice Hall 1994, 476     $ 24
pages softcover, very good condition, Great beginner's guide to AIX, covers
X,Motif,email,unix concepts,INed,shells,SMIT,NFS,NIS,internet, includes FREE

BOOK RISC "High Performance Computing" by Kevin Dowd, published by        $ 18
O'Reilly, outlines RISC architechture, optimization, benchmarks, includes FREE

BOOK X "X Window (R5) System User's Guide" OSF/Motif ed vol 3 by Valerie  $ 25
Quercia & Tim O'Reilly 921 pages softcover, perfect tutorial and reference for
users/admins, exhaustively complete, includes FREE shipping

BOOK NETWORK "PC Magazine's Guide to Connectivity" 3rd edition by Frank   $ 16
J. Derfler Jr 460p s/c 1995 mint condition, no markings, great guide for
network beginners of computers of all types, but especially PC's, includes
FREE shipping


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