Running AIX 4.3 application on AIX 5.0

Running AIX 4.3 application on AIX 5.0

Post by Zam » Sat, 14 Dec 2002 23:17:24


We have C++ application which makes call to another C library of
our's. Both are built using xlC/xlc compiler version 5.0 on AIX
version 4.3. The xlC.aix43.rte version on this machine is

When this program is run on the AIX machine running version 5.1, the
progarm goes straight and dumps core. The runtime binaries on this
machine are,
xlC.aix50.rte    version =
xlC.rte          version =

Can somebody please provide inputs?

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Joseph Jeffery

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