double smitty entries

double smitty entries

Post by Dirk Verkai » Sat, 27 Mar 1999 04:00:00

How can  i delete double smitty panel entries under AIX 4.3.1 ?

1. Double Entry Bookkeeping?

I am after a money application that will allow a simple form of double
entry bookkeeping.  CBB (and my present Microsoft Money 97) are based on
standard bank accounts and use categories to see how much is spent in
each area.

I want to split my *one* bank account into a number of budgets
(mortgage, food, car...) where I can see overspends instantly. All of
the above packages are okay until I want to reconcile to statements, it
is at this time it all gets complicated as they only balance single
accounts. Certainly cbb doesn't seem to show correct balances until its
reconciled which is a further problem.

I am about to create a spreadsheet to do something which I am sure is a
pretty standard small business requirement... I cannot believe there is
not a gnu-type application that answers my problems?

Any suggestions welcomed...
Guy William Hayton
Manchester, England

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