Summary: trick of adding a dumb terminal

Summary: trick of adding a dumb terminal

Post by XIAO Y » Wed, 12 Aug 1992 00:19:44

Thanks a lot for many who responded to my request for help:
        what's the trick of adding a dumb terminal to RS6000.

The trick is that RS6000 needs  a carrier signal. (One replay says that
AIX 3.1 doesn't need but 3.2 needs).

To solve the problem, two solutions:
        1. use smit to add 'clocal', as a soft carier detect loop.
        2. short circut 8-20pin on a DB25 on host side.

Of course, a cable of more than 3 pins will also work.

Thanks again, esp. to these netters:



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for ancient computer hardware; the folks there are very knowledgable and (like
yourself) have all manner of computer systems and expertise.

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