AIX Trace Utility

AIX Trace Utility

Post by Mark Taylo » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 02:59:33

Can you ping the system when it hangs? if not, then you need to force a
dump to look for  the problem.. or does the system crash and you have
not set it to reboot after a crash?

check sysdumpdev -L for the last time the system crashed etc... and the
errpt -a.. could be a h/w issue or just back level code.  You are also
probably asking for problems with AIX 4.3.2.. not to stable code once
you start kernel tracing..

get to 433 latest ML to avoid all know problems (and there have been a
hell of a lot)


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1. AIX Trace Utility

Has anyone encountered the folloiwng problem with the trace utility :
It installs successfully but invoking it causes the server to hang and needs
a power cycle to reboot it ?
AIX version is 4.3.2

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