I can't get xdm to run, but I've done everything!

I can't get xdm to run, but I've done everything!

Post by Walter Polkosn » Tue, 06 Apr 1993 12:39:25

I did what was in the README files in the /usr/lpp/X11/README and
/usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/README files, added the xdm subsystem, and appended the
proper line to my rc.tcpip. When I boot I get a message like "The xdm subsystem
could not be started, try again later." Does anyone knows what's going on? This
is on an AIX 3.2.3 extended, PowerStation 320.

Actually, How can I tell whether the installation of 3.2.3 extended went ok? I
got the message from smit that the installation is ok, but when running the new
system I get the feeling that I left something undone.

I posted a message a while back about runnning emacs on AIX, but I fear that I
may have missed any replies, since I have not logged into my system for about 2
weeks, and I believe news expires by then. My pageup and pagedown keys do not
work with emacs, and neither does delete, but there is a fix in the emacs docs
for delete.

Walter Polkosnik                

Queens College, CUNY       {cmcl2,apple}!panix!banana


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Linux System is a Pentium running Redhat 5.0
Two Windoze systems.  #1 is running Win95 (Original release) with service
pack 1 installed.
#2 is running Win95 OSR 2.

I'm logged into both systems as a user with the same name (Norm) and the
same password (none).
I've set the regedit key at
EnablePlainTextPassword  to  1

I can mount all of the directories from Win system #1 on the Linux machine
with no problem.  

I can't mount any of the directories from Win system #2 (diagnostic is
"invalid argument" with the additional error message:
"smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL"  but I can ping Win
system #2 from the Linux machine by name successfully and the IP address is

From Win system #1, when I try to "map network drive" in explorer, I'm
asked for a password and nothing I say is acceptable.  I haven't tried it
from Win system # 2 yet.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all suggestions.
        Norm D.

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