DB2/6000 Web Enabled Admin Tools ?

DB2/6000 Web Enabled Admin Tools ?

Post by Martin Sprat » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

DB2/6000 Web Enabled DBA Tools ??

Help ! Has anyone constructed/seen/bought any WEB enabled DBA admin
tools for DB2/6000 ?

I'm building some for DataJoiner and would like to discuss ideas, HTML
and scripts.


Martin Spratt


1. Any good Gui/Menu Admin tools for running RS/6000 / AIX

I have a client who is interested in purchasing a Gui/Menu driven
program to help them administer the general day-to-day tasks on an
RS/6000 using AIX 4.1.

They are not keen on learning all Unix commands !

Does anybody know of such a piece of software or can anyone make a

Thanks in advance,

Mark Balcombe

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