How to start named using user named (not root) and SRC?

How to start named using user named (not root) and SRC?

Post by Konstantin Gorbun » Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:52:36

I want to start named8 on AIX 4.3.3 using other user, not root. I've
read that named8 should be started with minimal rights and in no
circumstances use "root" to start named. I created user/group
(named/named) with minimal rights and gave them rights on /var/named
and /etc/named.conf . But this user have not right to use SRC. I load
named8 with this command: su - named /usr/sbin/named  Everything works
fine. But I'm not shure, that it's the best way to start named8. Can I
start named8 using named account and SRC both?

Thanks in advance
Konstantin Gorbunov.


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userID  webmon
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webMonitor:     webmon

So this is fine for incoming mail but outgoing email will use

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