restoring files and directories from 'savevg' archive

restoring files and directories from 'savevg' archive

Post by iant1.. » Mon, 03 Jul 2000 04:00:00

we carry out a 'savevg' every night, this is the first time in trying
to restore individual directories.
using 'restore -xvqdf /dev/rmt1 /directory/directory' should restore
the directories and files below them, according to the books.
the 'restore -Tqf /dev/rmt1' lists the files we need on the tape, but
the files just won't restore. the restore process tells us that the
files are backed up by name and the user is root. we run AIX 4.3.2.
is this a rights issue in the directories or something more, we've
chmod'd the files to 774 in the relevant direcories



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I know this is a silly question, but I want to make sure "restore" will do
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wrong files. Can 'restore' restore as little as one file or only a whole
directory? Reading the man page it makes it sound like it'll try to put
back all the files in a certain directory no matter what option you give
it. It's not very clear (at least to me ;) ). I think I have to use the "h"
key but when I actually start the extraction it tells me "warning xxx
directory already exists" when I'm trying to restore only a file that
exists in that directory, not that directory itself. I canceled the
operation because there are files in that directory I don't want restored.
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