Can I get a list of APARs?

Can I get a list of APARs?

Post by J Eric Townse » Sun, 30 Jun 1991 11:21:44

Sun publishes a regular list of bug fixes.  Does IBM have
a similar service?


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Can I get a list of APARs?

Post by Lenny Tropia » Mon, 01 Jul 1991 07:22:37

|>Sun publishes a regular list of bug fixes.  Does IBM have
|>a similar service?

A list can be provided per LPP, when you receive the PTF tape.   Use
the "updatep command" with the following syntax (I'm not in front of
my RS/6000 now, so if the syntax isn't perfect, forgive me ...)

# updatep -A -d/dev/rmt0 bos.obj

The -A gives a list of APARs included on this tape.  The descriptions
aren't very verbose, but do give a one-line description of the apar


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