Need info on connecting Apple LW II printer to RS6000/320H

Need info on connecting Apple LW II printer to RS6000/320H

Post by Rajiv Aro » Thu, 27 Feb 1992 04:55:24

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but today's the first day I've read this newsgroup and
I didn't see this discussed in the articles currently available.

I've just started using an RS6000/320H running AIX 3.1.5 and I'm still learning
the ropes. I'm primarily a user but as there are no sysadmins at my site, I'm
also the sysadmin. I have some experience administering Suns but AIX is new to

Anyhow, I've played with InfoExplorer and Smit and thought I'd try my hand at
attaching a PostScript printer (Apple LaserWriter II). The problem I find is
that this is not a supported device. The closest supported printer I could find
was the QMS Colorscript 100.

The procedure I followed was:
        connect the printer to serial port 1
        using SMIT, create a printer lp0 on port s1 of type QMS ...
        create a virtual printer called lw for Postscript
        create a queue for lw
        activate the queue

At this point "lpq" shows status of printer lw on device lp0 to be READY.
lpr -Plw myfile queues the job. However, lpq after initially showing status as
RUNNING, shows the job status to be in DEV-WAIT.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I've double checked the cable, and it works
great if the printer is connected to a Sun. My guess is that I need to edit the
attributes of the QMS printer and create an attributes entry for the Apple.

Has anyone done this before? Am I missing something obvious? Any advice is most



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