plotting bar charts

plotting bar charts

Post by Bill Wohl » Wed, 29 May 1991 18:38:19


  i want to display a simple bar graph: in X, in ascii, whatever.

  info pointed me to the stat family of commands--is anyone familiar
  with them?  i found the commands "bar", "gutil", "ged", and so on
  but i was not able to figure out what the format of my input numbers
  should be and how to display the output.

  or shall i ask, how do *you* display a bar graph?

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plotting bar charts

Post by Chin Fa » Thu, 30 May 1991 04:59:23

I believe your best bet is xgraph.  Part of the original README.ANNOUNCEMENT
is given below.


Chin Fang
Mechanical Engineering Department
Stanford University

*************************  part of xgraph README.ANNOUNCEMENT *****************
This program is NOT a widget.  It is a stand-alone program written at
the Xlib level and should run on any machine with a reasonable
implementation of X11 release 3 or later.  The source for the program
is available through anonymous ftp to shambhala.Berkeley.EDU

        % ftp shambhala.Berkeley.EDU
        Name: anonymous
        Password: <anything non-null>
        ftp> cd pub
        ftp> binary
        ftp> get xgraph-11.tar.Z
        ftp> quit
        % uncompress xgraph-11.tar.Z
        % tar xf xgraph-11.tar


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