default window manager.

default window manager.

Post by ray » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I was using the Motif windows manager and I installed something (not sure
what caused it because I installed a bunch of stuff) and now I get a ratty
looking logon screen and only get xclock and a terminal on my X session.
Where do I change this back to the Motif windows manager?



default window manager.

Post by Juniper B » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi Ray,

Sounds like you changed your .profile to point somewhere else....  I
would just do a ls -al in the home directory and see if you have a
Xdefaults and if the date  has  changed recently.  Your .profile should
be pointing to where X11 software  was.  Your  your login session was
modified.  I would compare the dates of the file to the date you loaded
"one of the many" things to see if they corespond  to date of specific
software that was loaded.. to better help you determine what caused the



1. Default Windows Manager

I have recently installed RH6.1.  I have been playing around with
different windows managers using the GNOME control center tool.  I seem
to have managed to change my default to FVWM2, and no matter what I do
with the tool can't get it back to something easier to configure.  I
remember seeing an earlier post on this, but can't find it right now.
If my memory is correct, it mentioned a file somewhere listing available
windows managers that RH uses when a user logs in.  From what it said,
the top entry in this file is the default manager.  Where is the file
located, and what is it called?  If I can find that I will give up on
the GUI widget and just manually do it.

I also have somewhat of a newbie question.  All of my previous UNIX
experience is with Solaris 2.4 & 2.7, and I have only been a user, not
an administrator.  So my accounts always had all sorts of nice files in
them that could be modified to do good things upon loging in (like
.cshrc, .login, .xinitrc, etc...).  I don't see any of these in my home
directory.  All I see is .bashrc.  But I have switched shells from bash
to tcsh.  So my question is, should I have those files in my home
directory, and if so are they things that I have to custom create
myself?   Currently I am just trying to permanently add things to my
path, but I can forsee other uses in the future.


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