43P/132 sysback boot problem

43P/132 sysback boot problem

Post by Koen Denecke » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

We experienced the following boot problems when trying to boot
our 43P/132 from a bootable tape created by sysback:

Initially, the system seems to boot, but on the Main Screen, it
poses the following question:
        (1) Change installation device (Currently:)
At this point, we enter our choice (/dev/rmt0 Other SCSI Tape Drive
04-B0-00-0,0), but it refuses to accept it with the following
message "sysmenus: No space left on device" which immediately

We then tried to upgrade the firmware from 1.09 to 1.11, but that did
not solve the problem.

Technical information:
        IBM 7248-133 (firmware 1.11)
        AIX v4.2.1
        Exabyte Eliant 820 SCSI tape-drive
Sysback created using
sysback -f'/dev/rmt0' '-x'  -d'Full backup merckx 16/11/98, \
        rootvg + vg1' -b'64'  'vg1 '
and verified afterwards.

Any suggestions? Upgrade to Sysback 4.x? Try mksysb instead of sysback?
Is it because it's a third-party tape drive?

Thanks in advance,

Vriendelijke groeten,
Kind Regards,

Koen Denecker                                      RUG - ELIS - MEDISIP

Tel: ++32-9-264.89.08    GSM: ++32-477-55.39.04   Fax: ++32-9-264.35.94
University of Ghent - Department of Electronics and Information Systems
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41       B-9000 Gent                    Belgium


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