console $TERM under AIX 3.2

console $TERM under AIX 3.2

Post by Pat Wils » Sat, 17 Oct 1992 23:16:09

How does AIX 3.2 decide its default $TERM for the console?  AIX 3.1
did the "Right Thing" for me and came up with $TERM=hft - csh on AIX 3.2.??
doesn't get it right, and tries 5081 (which appears to be getty's default).  
Info tells me that this is settable in the Odious Data Mungler, but
not how to do it, and I've not been able to figure it out.  

Any ideas?  I know that ksh "cheats" by stuffing a default in /etc/profile,
but I can't do that for csh, nor is it feasible to change all the .logins
to special-case AIX 3.2...


Pat Wilson
Systems Manager, Project NORTHSTAR