SGI GL applications on Risc6000's

SGI GL applications on Risc6000's

Post by Bruce Johns » Sat, 05 Jan 1991 01:29:43

We have a couple of Risc6000's for which we purchased the SGI GL
hardware/software options, and I have just started to port some
small 3D graphics programs.  (Watching the net, I see that there
have only been a couple requests for info, but not much response.)

One difference that came up immediately was in opening a window
from a program w/o first specifying height and width.  On an SGI
machine control of the window size defaults to the mouse, but not
so on the IBM.  Instead a small icon is created which can be zoomed
to full screen, but this is not particularly convenient.

Is anybody familiar with this?  Should I be digging deep into an
AIXWindows manual/info-session in an attempt to find an indirect
hint?  What would be especially helpful would be a GL-porting-guide,
but I have not been able to track down such a beast.  Does it exist?

On a tangent, someone asked a while back about sincos from SGI not
existing on IBM.  I see gl_sincos is referenced in the fortran and c
include files in /usr/lpp/ibmgl/examples (provided the latter is
installed).  Don't know if that will be of any use.

Thanks in advance

                                Bruce Johnson
                          Chemistry Dept, Rice Univ


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I saw a post a while back (don't have it anymore) asking how to display
SGI GL graphics on a non-sgi box...  I knew I had seen it somewhere, but
couldn't remember how to do it.  Well, I found my cheat sheet.


Keep in mind, however, that not all apps will work (ie I know gr_osview
does not work).  You can try though!

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