qdaemon on 3.2.3

qdaemon on 3.2.3

Post by Curt Finch 903 2F021 c.. » Sun, 20 Dec 1992 22:35:02

>I have observed on different machines that the qdaemon of AIX 3.2.3
>eats large amounts of CPU-cycles.

PTF= U409579     REQ APAR= IX30779   STAT= CLOSED

fixes perf problems in qdevil


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qdaemon on 3.2.3

Post by Wolfgang Kso » Sat, 19 Dec 1992 17:56:20

Hi folks,
I have observed on different machines that the qdaemon of AIX 3.2.3
eats large amounts of CPU-cycles.

Is there a lovely bugfix available on the net? ( a simple new qdaemon
would be prefered to a needs-one-day-of-downtime-to-install-but-you-
have-a-consistent-ODM-database PTF).

Is it save to replace the qdaemon with an older version (say AIX 3.2.2)?

Thank you,

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Job number 925 (71925) has been deleted from the queue.<EOT>

qdaemon use write to send his message, so I try to stop writesrv, use
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