AIXwindows on RS6K M 530H

AIXwindows on RS6K M 530H

Post by Ashu . Tiwa » Fri, 12 Feb 1993 03:45:45

  I'm a relatively new sysadm for an (inherited) RS6K Model 530H
  running AIX 3.2.2.  My system has 192 MB RAM w/ 4 GB disk space.
  Most of our users are connected to the RISC via 10BaseT E-net
  running Clarkson U's telnet/telbin.  I've recently acquired
  a PC based X-server package from Xinetron (sp?, sorry, not at
  work at the moment).  It is apparently using the NCSA telnet/telbin
  (I think that's the same as the CU stuff).
  I've set up the X server to start via rsh / rexec / broadcast ;
  nothing seems to work.  I start "mwm" and "aixterm" (with appropriate
  DISPLAY set) on the RISC and only get errors that they require / can
  not find an hft / X Server (respectively).  Can anyone help me on this?
  On a related note, how can I tell what version of AIXwindows is installed
  on my system?  Is there an analogy to "uname" or lslpp"?

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Hi all-

I just picked up a used 530H that was apparently still in operation as of 4
months ago. It's in great physical condition but the hard drive was removed.
After I replace it, I would like to use it to get some experience in setting
up and managing AIX.

What is the highest version of AIX this box will run?


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