permits on /dev/tty after install

permits on /dev/tty after install

Post by Scott Ho » Fri, 07 Dec 1990 01:30:18

I recently installed AIX 3.1 - 3001 on two 320s using a backup
tape made from one of our other systems. After installing these
two machines we found that non-root users could not execute the
X server.

A trace indicated that the X server was failing when trying to
open /dev/tty. The permits on /dev/tty were 622 (rw--w--w-) and
it was owned by root. On other systems, mostly preinstalled, the
permits on /dev/tty are 666 - including the system from which
the installtion image was made.

We have our solution - simply change the permits. However, I would
be interested in knowing why the permits were set this way and
if there are any other negative implications of installing a
system in this way. Also, though the documentation implies that
this is safe, the machine from which the backup image was made
was not a 320, but a 540.

- Scott


permits on /dev/tty after install

Post by r.. » Wed, 19 Dec 1990 09:11:05

The reason for the change is simply "it's a bug".  
1. edit the file /usr/bin/dskt.proto and find where the /dev/tty device
is defined (search for tty) and you will see the offending 622 permissions.
Change this to 644.
 bosboot -c -d /dev/rfd0 -p /usr/bin/dkst.proto -f /usr/bin/dskt.fs -b
  dd if=/tmp/dkst.image of=/dev/rfd0 ibs-1b obs=90b conv=sync

The permissions for the /dev files are taken from the filesystem on the
boot floppy, not
from the image on the tape.

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