/var recommended size?

/var recommended size?

Post by Patrick R. Palme » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Further to my question above.....Can anybody suggest a suitable size for
/var (hd9var) given I have a 1.2Gb disk and I basically keep that for



1. /var is size 100% how to increase the Size


 My mail servers /var File system has reached 100% and my OS is AIX
and i have to increase the Size dynamically

when i am sending mail , its giving the err

serer  response '451 queuename connot create qfOAA87118 in
/var/spool/mqueue (euid=0): these is not enough space in the file

Pls Help me , i need this very urgent

waiting for quick replies

Thank You


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