Network Interface disappears on reboot

Network Interface disappears on reboot

Post by Dan Al » Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:00:00

        I'm attempting to configure the network card on an RS/6000 running
AIX 4.3.2.  The network card in question is an IBM PCI Turboways 155 ATM
card.  Our network uses LANE emulation, and the simulated ethernet
port associated with this card has been assigned to interface en3.  
(en0 and en1 are the on-board and PCI ethernet interfaces, en2 was a
network card that was in the machine, but isn't any more)

        Here is the problem.  Every time I reboot the machine, the
network does not work.  If I attempt to log in normally, the machine
hangs.  If I do a failsafe login, then use smit to remove the
network interface driver (en3) and re-add it, then restart tcpip,
everything is happy.  I can logout, and log back in in normal mode,
and the network is just groovy.

        Prior to reconfiguring, netstat -r just hangs (but can be
aborted with ^C) and ifconfig returns gibberish.  After the procedure
described above, both function normally.  It seems to me
that either the database isn't getting updated properly, or else some
sort of autoconfiguration during boot is undoing it.

        Can anyone offer any concrete suggestions?  Thanks!


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1. Network interface disappears on reboot


I set up my network interface eth0 with a PCMCIA ethernet card.  I use
ifconfig and route and it works great.  I can ping the internet and
surf.  But, if I look into HardDrak, the PCMCIA card is not detected.
And if I do an ifup eth0, there is an error returned, say the device or
file was not found.

Then if I reboot, I get a network interface FAILED message, then a
PCMCIA loaded successfully message.  Then when I try to access the
internet, it is broke.  I do a netstat -r and all my routes are gone,
except loopback.  I must manual do a ifconfig and route, again, and it
works fine until the next reboot.

Am I missing something in my init or is the PCMCIA and network boot up
sequence out of order?  ie my PCMCIA hasn't been started yet, so the
network interface init fails, as it doesn't yet see my card?

TIA for any advice.

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