sendmail config question

sendmail config question

Post by Curtis Grot » Thu, 26 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have an aix 4.2.1 machine running Apache.  I am trying to get a cgi
script called FormMail to forward html forms to an mail server on
another machine (non unix) on our local network.  There is no need for
any local mail delivery on the aix box.  My setup so far has
the DSmailer set to 'DSmail.local:(mail server name)  and DRmailer set
to DRmail.local:(mail server name).  I also commented out ruleset 0 to
route all local mail to the mail server on our LAN.  My sendmail startup
uses 'sendmail -bd -pSMTP -q30s' in order to use SMTP as the transfer
protocol.  When testing this I can sign on as root and issue a 'mail

routed without any errors.  When I sign on as a user other than root,
however an error message '/tmp/Rs12866:  The file access permissions do
not allow the specified action.'  The message is routed however, but the
subject is sent as 'none'.  The member /tmp/Rs12866 has a directory
entry, but it is empty.  Being new to a lot of this I am at a loss as to
what to do next.  If someone familiar with this type of configuration
could offer some advice I would appreciate it very much.  I
particularily question the value of 'mail.local' for my mailer, but I
could not find any documentation which could offer any alternatives.  I
am also not sure where to change permissions to allow users other than
root to use mail.  Thanks.

Curtis Grote
Memorial Hospital
4500 Memorial Drive
Belleville, Illinois  62226


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I have a couple of questions regarding sendmail, or at least I think
sendmail is the mechanism which is able to offer me solutions!


For traceability reasons I want to keep a log of all outgoing emails.
Other than getting all my users to explicitly bcc the logfile how can
I achieve this?

And secondly...

Traditionally we've had user accounts using the owner's firstname, i.e
steve, rob, mark, etc. This has been fine while we've only had one of
each name working here, but as we recruit more people is seems sensible
to adopt a firstname_lastname addressing system. Now, for incoming email
I can set up aliases to translate joe_bloggs to joe, but how do I get
joe's email to go out as though it came from joe_bloggs? One solution
is to rename his account to joe_bloggs, but this is not ideal. Any
other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for help on this!

    Steve Lloyd
    Systems Administrator
    3Soft - Mentor Graphics

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