Backup Error Code

Backup Error Code

Post by Bigi Brad » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 07:05:28

Quote:> Backup will not complete, displays error code 4.  Is there a command that
> will list error code descriptions.  I am used to working with OS/400, and
> able to do it with that system.  Comparable command ?

> System is RS6000, and I believe AIX 4.x.  Can get further detailed
> information earlier next week, including RS6000 model #, AIX Version #,
> what the particular backup device is specifically.

> Thanks

Please supply output or look yourself at:

# instfix -i |grep _ML
# lsdev -Cc tape
# lsattr -El rmt0
# lppchk -v
# errpt (this might be long so cut out errors concerning tape drive)
# errpt -a (this might be long so cut out errors concerning tape drive)

Alo supply HW info about the used tapedrive, model type or just
i.e. 4mm 4Gb.



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