Copying calandar manager (dtcm) entries

Copying calandar manager (dtcm) entries

Post by Hemant Sha » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 13:15:21


 I am in process of retiring our old J50 so I am migrating the users to an H70.
 Both are running CDE. I started moving few users to the H70 and ran into a
 problem with the CDE calendar manager. The user cannot see their entries on

 Since I will be getting rid of the old system, I need to copy all the dtcm
 entries to the new system. How do I to it?


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1. Q: xterm->cm copy&paste/date on dtcm icon/callog

Questions about (dt)cm calendar manager(s) on Solaris 2.7:

1. When using $OPENWINHOME/bin/cm I can't copy & paste text from xterm
to cm - do I need to setup sth to accomplish this?

Copy & paste works from $OPENWINHOME/bin/cmdtool to cm, though.

(so I switched to /usr/dt/bin/dtcm, which brings me to the second

2. When iconized, dtcm's icon does not show todays date (as cm does).
The icon is just a black notebook.

I'm not sure, but I think this was not the case in Solaris 2.6. I'd like
to change the background color of the icon - maybe the color map is
exhausted or sth similar (my Sun's graphcard is 8bit). I see that there

Dtcm.iconFont:  -dt-application-bold-r-normal-sans-*-180-*-*-p-*-*-*:

resource, but how do I change the font's color?

3. Is it possible to instruct (dt)cm to change the location of the
calendar file, by default at


to sth in my home dir? Last Solaris upgrade destroyed my callog,
like to suffer again next time.



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