aixterm tektronix emulation - busted on 3.2

aixterm tektronix emulation - busted on 3.2

Post by Mark Whetz » Thu, 23 Apr 1992 07:14:06

Re: the discussion on aixterm undocmuented flag -t for tektronix

On 3.2, this flag will open an aixterm, large window, white background
with a PALE yellow forground cursor.  

You are unable to type within this window, but if you hold
control and press button two on the mouse, you will get the
"TEKTRONIX" control box for font selection, page, reset and hardcopy

However, regardless of focus, you cannot type within this window, and it
appears useless.  The only way I can kill the window is with the window
manager pulldown and close the window, or via the "quit" selction on
control-button-1 popup.  

This is on an IBM X-station 120 running IBM release 4 server (bootfile1)
6091 display 2MB video, 3.5MB processor memory, to 6000 running 3.2 on
a model 540 system.  No Xdefaults file, just to make sure I was not
overriding something.

Looks busted to me.
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Jack Levy (University College London Computer Centre)


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