sendmail masquerade

sendmail masquerade

Post by Dave Hinkl » Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>> Masquerading in sendmail is used to change the hostname part of the

>Tested and it works very fine. Thank you for your help, Dave! :-)

>> wrong.  One thing to note here, is that root will NOT be masqueraded by
>> default.  To use the DM option in the example above, modify the
>Hmmm, is there a way to masquerade root, too? It does not make much sense,
>though, what do you mean?


The CE entry in the /etc/ file contains a list of users that
should not be masqueraded.  Root is normally listed here.  Many systems mail
usefull information to root.  Many sysadmins forward root mail to another
account/accounts so that action can be taken if a critical message is rcvd.
So, if root is masqueraded, you have no idea, without going thru the mail
headers, which specific machine the message came from.  Also, many
sysadmins, myself included, believe that one should use the root login for
as little non-root tasks as possible.  Thus, sending email outside your
domain is usally not done from a root account.

Hope this helps,


1. sendmail Masquerade

I'm having some trouble getting sendmail masquerading to work.

I've got a Linux box connected to an ISP using dynamically-allocated
IP numbers.  With pppd this seems to work very well.  Incoming email
gets downloaded with popclient; outgoing is sent with sendmail.

The problem: My ISP is; my Linux box is named 'harry'.  All

is not a valid domain, nor is it likely to become one.  Outgoing
email really needs to be from

I thought I had this solved when I read about sendmail masquerading.
I created an m4 file with the following entries:


...and created a new config file.  But outgoing email still claims
to be from

I get the feeling I've missed some obvious detail here.  Can this
be done with sendmail?  And if not, what should I be using for
outgoing email?


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