macros for dbx, adb etc

macros for dbx, adb etc

Post by sridh.. » Fri, 07 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

I have been trying to make dbx on AIX 4.3 work for me, but I havent been
able to make it do stuff. Hoping someone here can give me some hints.

I'm trying to debug a user program that has dumped core. The binary was
not compiled with a -g.  Things that I can do on other platforms dont
seem to work here. I'm trying something like this

print (struct foo *)0x20f6abcd

dbx complains that  there is a syntax error !!

Is there a way to forcefully load an object file so that dbx picks up
structure definitions ? Or is there a way to set the current address
(the dot variable) so that I can write macros and use source to dump out
stuff ?

All this would not have been a problem had adb worked alright. adb
doesnt seem to understand the newer core format.

I still can do stuff by compiling with -qlist and calculating
stackpointer offsets by hand but this is very painful if you have to do
it multiple times.

I would appreciate any help/


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Darrell Fuhriman

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