how to syncronize Aix time from OS/390 timed server?

how to syncronize Aix time from OS/390 timed server?

Post by Salvatore Pagan » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 00:37:52

I need to syncronize the  time on an AIX system using a time server (timed)
located on an OS/390 - TCP 2.6.
Any idea ?????

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Maybe it is a old question, howerver, I do need the solution.
We need to synchronize AIX servers with an OS/390 mainframe. NTP is a
good way to go but the mainframe doesn't support NTP, it just supports
TIMED. We decided to use a AIX server to get time from mainframe using
TIMED and then send time out using NTP ( Or start NTP to wait for
pulling from the others). When the mainframe guy started the TIMED as
master on mainframe, I still couldn't get time from it!?

Any help would be appreciated.


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