X Cut buffer and emacs

X Cut buffer and emacs

Post by Brian Leac » Fri, 05 Jun 1992 22:25:57

Apologies if this has been discussed previously.

I'm using GNU emacs version 18.54, and I've just made the switch to AIX 3.2.
In 3.1, I was able to cut and paste from an aixterm window to my emacs
buffer.  I can no longer do that.

I'm using x-sb-mouse.el that was recently posted in another newsgroup.

My guess is this is an ICCCM related problem.

Any ideas?


1. CDE+emacs: how cut/paste emacs INTO shelltool?

  CDE+emacs: how to "cut" from emacs (easy, just kill?),
      and then PASTE (hard, impossible?) into a SHELLTOOL?

     Vice-versa is easy: just blacken shelltool text, and yank into emacs
       (don't even need the "paste" key)

     And cutting (or copying) from shelltool, then pasting back into
       shelltool-standard-input is easy too.

     But doing a delete in emacs doesn't clear/replace the paste-text
       going to the shelltool.
     Is there ANY way to do this (other than the my current kludge of
         writing out a file from emacs)?

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