Restart inetd or reboot without using console...when inetd is dead

Restart inetd or reboot without using console...when inetd is dead

Post by Jamart Vincen » Fri, 05 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We have a little (...) problem: after migration of AIX 4.1.5 to AIX
4.3.2 and making a system backup before rebooting the host, the inet
daemon seems to die and the server only responds to ping answers. No
telnet, ftp, rsh or rexec connection is aviable before rebooting. I'd
like to resart this daemon or the host without going on console.

any idea??

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To all System Admin Wizards out there:
        I'm fairly new to UNIX/TCPIP arena.  So any help on this topic
will be GREATLY appreciated.

        On one AIX, RS6000 box, I installed a server program that uses
inetd.  I double checked with the file "protocols", and made sure tcp is
using protocol number 6.  I edited the file "services", and put in an
entry "myprog  6543/tcp" to designate the port numer 6543 for my
program.  I then went into "inetd.conf", and put in the approperate info
        Problem:  If I were to reboot the system, my PC
application can't make the connection.  If I were to kill the "inetd" by
hand, and then restart it by hand, my PC application finds the port
without a problem.  
        Any idea?  Please E-mail me.  Thanx.
                                - Howard

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