SPECmarks for RS/6000 systems - lies???

SPECmarks for RS/6000 systems - lies???

Post by jim fro » Sat, 06 Oct 1990 01:29:44

Quote:>I have just got a copy of the September 1990 SPECwatch and I am
>a bit concerned about the following paragraph:

I was wondering when that would come out.  Given the stability of the
system when IBM announced the SPECmarks, and given that the
performance today is still not too good, I doubted the results.  On
pure benchmarks my system hits what IBM says it should right on the
nose or close enough not to matter.  But when it comes to running
actual applications the thing is much slower than expected, usually
slower feeling than a SparcStation and in compiles it's often slower
than our microVAX.

I'd like to know what kind of tuning they did to get their numbers so
I could do it to my machine!

jim frost
saber software


1. SPECmarks for RS/6000 systems - lies???

While I haven't had a chance today to run the entire SPEC 1.0 suite on my
RS/6000-520 (GA code), I did run the following benchmarks from the suite.


The SPEC ratios I got differ from IBM's by no more than 0.4.  I got the
same result for one test; one of my results was higher by 0.3, another by
0.4; and two were lower by 0.3.  (I think SPEC reporting rules keep me
from publishing an incomplete report.)

Vic Abell
Assistant Director
Purdue University Computing Center
SPEC license 310

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