Parasoft Insure++ with DB2 Stored-Procedures on AIX ?

Parasoft Insure++ with DB2 Stored-Procedures on AIX ?

Post by Mik » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 23:34:31

I'm using DB2 v7.1 (fp3) on AIX, and I have
many 'C' DARI style embedded-SQL stored procedures.

We use Parasoft Insure++ v5.1 successfully on
most applications in this environment.

But we dont know if Insure++ can be made to work on the
DB2-stored-procedures themselves.

At present it looks like it just wont work!

DB2-stored-procedures on AIX are shared-libraries,
so I've built them for Insure++ appropriately.
(i.e they seem to load successfully using the load()
system call).

Although I can build the stored-procedures for
insure++, DB2 is unable to load them. It gives
SQL10012N. This is despite the instance having
the DB2LIBPATH prefixed with the insure directories,
and the DB2ENVLIST having LIBPATH included with
a suitable insure-directory prefix.

Has anyone out there managed to get
Insure++ running for DB2 'C' stored procedures on AIX ?

If so , can you email or post exactly how you
did it, with details of the compile+link lines
from your makefile/script, and your db2 and .psrc
setup to make it work.



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Hello All !!!

When I'm trying to build stored procedure with SPB - it hangs while
done 70% and  Registering ...
I'm looking LOG files and tehy are:
*** PREPCOMPILE /database/db2taran/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/TARANPRO/DB2TARAN/tmp/P2529630.sqc

LINE    MESSAGES FOR P2529630.sqc
------  --------------------------------------------------------------------
        SQL0060W  The "C" precompiler is in progress.
        SQL0091W  Precompilation or binding was ended with "0"
                  errors and "0" warnings.

*** COMPILE /database/db2taran/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/TARANPRO/DB2TARAN/tmp/P2529630.c

export PATH

export SQLROUTINE_ENTRY=pgsjmp

xlC -H512 -T512  -I/database/db2taran/sqllib/include P2529630.c
-bE:P2529630.exp -e pgsjmp -o P2529630 -L/database/db2taran/sqllib/l
ib -lc -ldb2

*** /database/db2taran/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/TARANPRO/DB2TARAN/tmp/P2529630.exp


SQL7032N  SQL procedure "PROC_AK" not created.  Diagnostic file is
"P2529630.log".  SQLSTATE=42904

Can anyone help me ???


Sorry for my bad English.

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