BUG: ADSM Solaris, world-writable dsmerror.log

BUG: ADSM Solaris, world-writable dsmerror.log

Post by Niklas Edmundsso » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

In recent versions of the ADSM-client for Solaris (both the 2.5 and
2.6-version) we have noticed that the log-file dsmerror.log is always
created world-writable. Setting the umask of dsmc or chmod:ing an
existing dsmerror.log doesn't help, as soon as dsmc gets near it gets
world writable again...

The most recent Solaris 2.6 client has IP21630 installed.

This is a very obvious bug (as I can't imagine it is a feature ;) and it
can't be especially hard to fix. IMHO it should never have appeared ;)

/Nikke - not fond of world-writable logs.

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I'm running apache 1.3.9 and have the ErrorLog and CutomLog directives
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This all seems to work fine except when the system is down at rotation
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Are these world writable file typical for rotatelogs running under
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Sigrid Illes

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