Memory allocation on RS6000

1. Memory allocation and de-allocation


I have a simple C program that allocates a bunch of memory and free's it
When I run this program, I do not see this memory being reclaimed by the
OS(as observed
by top-5.6). A similar program on Windows NT works as expected(i.e memory
decreases when memory is free'd).

Any ideas why??

Appreciate any advise you can offer..


// Here is a code snippet:

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    if (argc == 2)
        int num_chunks = atoi(argv[1])/1000;
        char **buffer[1000];

        for (i=0; i<=num_chunks; i++)
            buffer[i] = (char *) malloc(1000);
       return 0;
  printf("Usage!! %s <memory size> \n",argv[0]);

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