Mail API for AIX?

Mail API for AIX?

Post by Bob Gorma » Fri, 24 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a Mail API for C programmers that allows one to submit
email with attachments (and MIME encode them) to sendmail?

Thanks a bunch for any insight.

Bob Gorman


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Hi all!

I've been searching high-and-low for this info, but I haven't quite gotten a
handle on this....

I have an RS/6000 system running AIX, and it's on the same network as my
Win98 system which is running a mail-server program called Mdaemon.

All the outgoing mail from our PC's (Outlook Express) gets sent to this PC
running mdaemon, and it goes out onto the internet from there (DSL)

What I need to do is figure out how to tell aix to send outgoing mail to
this same PC when using the unix 'mail' command.

I've been looking through the file, and I can honestly say I'm a
bit confused.

Does anyone know how to set up sendmail to send all SMTP outgoing mail to a
particular machine at a particular address? I know it's got to be one of
these paramaters :)

I don't use aix for any other mail functions, but I just need a way to send
email messages indicating certain events that occur in aix (when I detect a
new file has been uploaded into a certain dir, etc.)

Thanks much!


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