lint not supported for C++ ?

lint not supported for C++ ?

Post by Rodney Mac » Wed, 06 Jun 2001 01:48:10

Hi, running aix 4.3.3, when using lint on C++ code I get the message
that "lint" is no longer supported. For C it works fine. Any ideas?
Is it really not supported?



spe17 [~]> lslpp -L bos.adt.base
  Fileset                      Level  State  Description
  bos.adt.base        C    Base Application Development

State Codes:
 A -- Applied.
 B -- Broken.
 C -- Committed.
 O -- Obsolete.  (partially migrated to newer version)
 ? -- Inconsistent State...Run lppchk -v.

spe17 [~]> lint hello.C
1540-5206 (W) "lint" is no longer supported.  The option is ignored.
spe17 [~]> which lint
spe17 [~]>



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