network interface woes - again

network interface woes - again

Post by Flemming Josephse » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I posted about this issue a couple of months (or so) back, and have now
had very inconclusive PMR going with IBM about this... and it STILL BUGS
ME ...

I've seen this problem on _three_ machines, on one it went away after a
while for no apparent reason (in other words, it may come back ?)  but
the problem remains on two machines.  One box is an F50 and the two
other are golden oldies (7013 - 530), so it seems that architecture is
not an issue here.

Following an upgrade on from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 on the F50 and fresh
(overwrite) installs of 4.3.2 on the 530's the network interfaces don't
come up after boot unless you manually (now inserted into the startup
scripts) issue the appropriate ifconfig <if> up.

The problem is _ONLY_ manifest when two interfaces are configured.
I.e.  remove either interface from the config and everything is fine.

Has anybody else seen this problem ?


1. Networking woes... again


   It's me again.  I finally got some good things going, but nobody seems to
have any answers, or isn't sharing them with me.  I am having problems with
ARP on my LAN, and my SLIP connection seems to be timing out.

I have had to go so far as to add:

0-50/10 * * * * ping -c1 slipserver
0-45/15 * * * * ping -c1 net.15

to my crontab!

   I know this makes it work and all, but somewhere I can't believe that I
should have to continually ping places to keep stuff running.

   It seems either like Linux (and my 3C509) is ignoring ARP requests or
is not broadcasting it's address regularly?

   Anybody have a problem with dieing SLIP lines, or should I try and push
the problem onto my SLIP server?

   All help greatly appreciated.

   Mike was here...


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